Issue 61 - May 28 - June 11 2023

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Treasury balance: 861,323 DCR (approx +7,734 DCR/month) - $10.7 million (+$96K/month) based on $12.39 DCR price

New Proposals

Proposal for Building Website and Promoting the Chinese Community

Published Jun 5 by cagedbird | last edited Jun 9 | 12 comments

This proposal requests a budget of $2,400 (edited down from an initial $30,000) to establish and further develop the website, a Chinese language resource for learning about Decred. The proposal was initially pitched as a full time endeavour, but in response to community feedback it has been scaled back to part-time and the scope reduced, it no longer aims to translate the Decred docs and will instead focus on more contemporary content like wallet tutorials and article translations. The proposal indicates one item of content would be produced or translated per week, with additional time spent maintaining the website and growing the community.

Initial comments expressed scepticism about the $30,000 budget, and some took issue with the translation component specifically as this kind of work has its own proposal already. The comments include a discussion of the importance of social media channels alongside websites and @cagedbird explains that this will be limited to Twitter and Telegram because sharing such information on Chinese social media would likely result in a swift ban and possible prosecution.

Approved Proposals

DCRDEX Mesh Beginnings and Bonds Evolution

Published May 9 by chappjc | 5 comments (+1)

Final voting figures: 94% Yes votes, 44% turnout of eligible tickets.

Recap: This proposal requested a budget of $164,000 to develop prototype and experimental versions of a new DCRDEX v2.0 which would utilise a mesh of servers rather than relying on the central bulletin board type servers of v0.6 (and soon v1.0). The proposal describes a process of planning and then prototyping a skeletal testnet mesh with a small number of hosts using a P2P communications layer, to be used as a sandbox for simulations and testing that can refine the design for mainnet use. The proposal’s objective is then to develop an experimental mesh-enabled version of DCRDEX that can run alongside v1.0 on mainnet and serve as the basis for a future mesh-enabled DCRDEX v2.0. A timeline is provided which sees DCRDEX v1.0 release in Aug 2023, mesh prototype on testnet around Oct 2023, and the experimental mainnet version by Feb 2024.

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